3 Successful Ways to Recognize a Bipolar Person

Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic-depressive psychosis is a psychiatric illness that causes mood disorder, and as per data of WHO 60 million people all around the world struggle with bipolar disorder. This disorder is manifested by change of moods which can be separated into depression phase and manic phase – interspersed with a steady state named euthymia.

However, this mental condition in the period between severe depression and euphoric mania can be easily misplaced with the simple mood swings as they show similar symptoms. The manic phase of the bipolar disorder is especially difficult to detect.

How to recognize a person in bipolar mania phase?

In order to recognize such person you need to look into his eyes. The way how these two phases will manifest and their intensity depends on each person and it is accompanied with different symptoms.

Depression Phase

In this phase, bipolar persons experience deep sadness and lack of energy. These persons suffer from sleeping disorders such as insomnia or hypersomnia, and show no interest in the world that surrounds them. They are not interested in any kind of pleasure as a matter of fact they lose interest in life which can lead to suicidal feelings.

Manic Phase

This phase is manifested with great excitement and hyperactivity, and the patient is in high euphoric mood full of energy. Bipolar patients in this phase sleep less, and take part in several projects at the same time. They start to spend money recklessly, and become more talkative than usual. The self-confidence is on high level which can become almost annoying.

These phases are not excluded by themselves, they can be mixed, namely a bipolar person may experience a mixed phase with both depressive and manic symptoms.

Commonly the bipolar disorder is manifested with these two phases; however this does not applies to all bipolar patients. There are two types of bipolar disorder:

Bipolar disorder type 1

This type of disorder is manifested by alternation of the manic and depression phase, interspersed by periods of stability.

Bipolar disorder type 2

This type of disorder is not manifested by manic phase but in fact by hypomanic phase. Hypomania is a mild form of mania, meaning that these persons experience the same symptoms of excitement and hyperactivity but with an attenuated intensity. Patients with this type of bipolar disorder go through periods of severe depression followed by a period of hypomania.

What causes bipolar disorder?

This mental condition can be triggered by extreme stress such as a sudden death of the loved person, a move, a divorce, or a job change. Likewise, the use of alcohol and drugs may cause bipolar disorder.
This condition can be also a result of genes. If one of the parents suffered from 1st degree bipolar disorder, then it is most likely that this person will be predisposed genetically thereby having 5 to 10 times higher chances of getting this disorder due to its vulnerable genes.

3 Physical Ways to Recognize a Person in Bipolar Mania Phase

Even if you are not a medical person there are revealing signs of a bipolar person. For instance while the manic phase is active this type of person is happier, more energetic and even creative. Bipolar patients are boosted with energy, self-confidence, feelings of great power making them bolder in performing creative things like painting, writing a book, or singing. They do not show any care in the world and are not at least worried about the consequences of their actions. However, if you criticize them or something does not go as they wish to, then they become angry easily starting an argument.

These are mental changes of a bipolar person, but they also show physical signs like the following ones:

  1. Darker eye color

In the euphoric or dysphoric states of mania the production of adrenaline is increased which causes dilation of the pupils. Namely, the iris of the eye is contracted to enlarge the pupil’s diameter, which results in darker color. This is so obvious in people with a different colored ring around the pupil; in this case their eye color may seem entirely different since the color of the ring will be more dominant.

  1. Larger eyes

In the mania phase, the bipolar person is excited and happier than usual and because of that his feelings are visible on his eyes. The shape of the eyes can also change thus getting larger as they are wide open, which is not the case in the depression phase when the eyes are narrowed.

  1. Sparkling eyes

The feelings in the manic phase are so intense that the eyes become very bright. In fact, the eyes even shine which raises the level of perceived physical attractiveness.

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