The 4 Best Exercises for People Suffering from Asthma

Asthma is a health condition that affects the lungs which causes inflammation of the airways of the lungs due to which the airways narrow and swell resulting in extra mucus production.

It is accompanied with symptoms like coughing or wheezing, and also with reversible airway obstruction and bronchospasm. Bronchospasm affects the breathing and it is characterized by sudden constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles, which can be either mild or severe.

If you suffer from this condition there are ways that can help you to alleviate its symptoms. Exercising is of great help in decreasing the symptoms and making you feel better. Additionally, it will aid you to strengthen the muscles of the lungs and the heart thereby making the breathing much easier. The exercises below will help you to improve your fitness without being too strenuous:

4 Beneficial Exercises for Asthma

  1. Swimming

This is considered the best exercise for patients with asthma. It is a cardio exercise that keeps the heart rate up and strengthens the muscles. This physical activity will provide you with numerous benefits without putting too much strain on your body. Your joints will be protected and your cardiovascular fitness improved.

  1. Walking

Walking is a great activity for improving your cardiovascular fitness. It is a low-impact exercise which offers many advantages. Everyone can practice it and reap all its benefits. According to conducted studies if you suffer from asthma and practice walking for three times a week your condition in 12 weeks will be very much improved.

Not only that you will control your asthma issue but as well as you will improve the posture, protect your body from the occurrence of a heart disease, reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s, and support better sleeping patterns. For optimal results, walk for about half an hour every day, and if you stick to this routine the positive results will come very soon.

  1. Weight training

This type of training will help you build strength, tone your muscles and as well as lose weight. For this workout generally are used dumbbells, weighted bars, or weight stacks. However, if you are a beginner you should start with something light or simply engage in some simple body-weight exercises like push-ups. Push-ups are an excellent workout for enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and for building muscles.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a well-known technique that relieves stress by utilizing gentle stretches, and contrary to other exercises it is with lower pace. The breathing practice takes a great part in the performance of yoga; therefore it is a great option for breath control. According to recently performed studies this exercise is a promising natural treatment for asthma. Plus, yoga involves both the mind and the body thus significantly improving the mood.

You need to be physically active if you want to improve your health condition and if you follow some of the above mentioned breathing exercises in just weeks you will experience positive results. Therefore, make sure to practice some of these exercises.


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