5 Best Moves to Burn 1,000 Calories

Each body movement has its own purpose, some are for toning and strengthening your body muscles, some are for burning calories, and some for improving body’s flexibility. For instance the best movements for muscles build up are bicep curls, bench presses, and flys.

They improve your upper body strength, but do not burn calories. Therefore in this article we shall concentrate on the movements that are actually burning calories thus making your body to lose weight.

The Top Movements for Burning Calories

If you are interested in melting all that unwanted body fat you need to implement moves in your workout routine which are real fat-torching, like the ones that use large muscles. The bigger the used muscle, the more calories it will burn.

Plyometric moves are dynamic moves that require jumping and are excellent choice for burning calories since they can raise the heart rate while engaging large leg muscles.

Compound moves are other great moves which use more than one joint and more than one muscle group. They are great for burning calories as they use various body areas.

Squats are also great choice for burning calories. By performing squats you will manage to burn about 14 calories per minute. In one hour you will burn 840 calories.

Jumping rope likewise successfully burns calories; in fact in one hour performance it can burn about 860 calories.

Burpees movements use the legs, core, and arms, and burn 570 calories per hour.

How to reach that 1,000 calorie mark?

You can achieve this by using this fast paced workout designed with the best moves for quickly burning calories.

Things you will need:

  • A timer (Gymboss is a free to download app)
  • A jumping rope (optional)
  • You can complete this workout without the jumping rope by imitating the movement with your arms.

You need to do the following exercises:


  1. Burpees

  1. Squats

  1. Jump Squats

  1. Jump Rope

  1. Backwards Lunge Jump (on each leg)

The videos will show you how to correctly perform all these exercises. In this way you will avoid the occurrence of any injury, and use the most of the exercise.

Beginners should do 2 rounds.

Intermediate level performs 4 rounds.

Advanced level performs 6 rounds.

How to perform them?

Perform each move 1 minute with no break in between. For the backwards lunge jump, do one minute on your right side and one minute on your left side. Make a break of 1 minute and repeat as per your fitness level.

For maximum calorie burn, perform this routine three times a day.


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