7 Scientific Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good for Your Health

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Health, Healthy Drinks, Natural Tip

This is good news for beer lovers: Scientists have found seven health benefits of beer. So raise your glasses and say cheers!

1. Beer strengthens the bones

Various studies have shown that the beer has a high silicon content. This promotes the connection between muscle and bone tissue and increases bone density. Dark beer in particular, with its large number of hops, contains silicon. Moderate consumption of dark beer can actually prevent the development of osteoporosis.

2. Beer can lower bad cholesterol

Scientists have proven that beer consumption helps increase good cholesterol because of the ethanol in it. Two beers a day can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

3. Beer can reduce cardiovascular risk

According to Harvard University, more than 100 studies have shown a link between moderate beer consumption and reduced risk of heart attack from 25 to 40%.

4. Beer can reduce the risk of diabetes

In comparative studies, a link was found between moderate alcohol consumption and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. US researchers found that those who drank 1-4 beers a day, have lower chances of contracting the disease.

5. Beer can prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones are the worst enemy you can have. Fortunately, a Finnish study showed that consuming a bottle of beer a day would decrease the likelihood of kidney stones by 40%.

6. Beer helps fight cancer

German scientists found that xanthohumol contained in hops can prevent the excessive production of testosterone, an important risk factor for prostate cancer. At the same time, researchers are trying to look xanthohumol alone and introduce it in the research against cancer.

7. Beer protects from dementia

This may seem strange to use alcohol to combat dementia! All people who have had a blackout due to alcohol should shake their heads vigorously. But the previously mentioned xanthohumol helps prevent oxidative stress, one of the factors for dementia. In fact, the consumption of beer (in moderation) helps you keep your mind.

Those of you who are well informed already know that the beer does not only make you happy, but also helps to keep your body healthy! Please remember, however, that alcohol should be consumed in moderation and that you should not drink more than three beers a day.