Is Biting Your Nails Dangerous – Or Just Gross? 9 Little-Known Dangers of Nail Biting

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Health, Psychology

Children are most affected by nail-biting, but adults continue this habit which starts in the childhood. There have been many studies trying to find the reason for nail-biting, and it was concluded that this nasty habit starts around the age of 4, but there is still no solid reason why it occurs. Some experts maintain that it is a reaction to stress; others believe that it is inherited, and another group considers it as a sign of mental health issue.

Regardless of the reason for its occurrence, this nasty habit needs to be stopped, moreover that there are consequences of this practice which should not be neglected.

9 Consequences of Nail Biting

After reading these consequences we are sure that you will think twice before you continue with this habit.

  1. Bacteria and fungi

All of you are aware of the area under the fingernails, especially if you tend to bite your nails, and that area is ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, in this area, aside the presence of bacteria and fungi, there may be eggs and worms. So, when you put your nails in the mouth, you are also putting all these things.

  1. Damage of the teeth’s enamel

Not only that you can damage the teeth’s enamel, but in some severe cases jaw displacement can occur.

  1. Injure on the gums and mucous on the tongue

These consequences cause the appearance of wounds which can be easily infected with bacteria.

  1. Staphylococci

It exists under the nails, and once it is in the mouth it will start to develop on the sores in the mouth.

  1. Eating the nail polish

By biting your nails you are actually also gnawing the nail polish, which is harmful for your body. Namely, a large number of nail polishers have in their content formaldehyde – a poisonous substance, which is used to treat corpses in the morgue.

  1. Destroying the nail bed

By having this habit the nails eventually will become short and may turn into a finger protruding from the stump. If this habit becomes chronic, then it may cause those nails to never grow back again.

  1. Bruises around the nails

Nail biting can cause bruises around the nails which are instantly attacked by bacteria.

  1. Psychological disorder

As mentioned before one of the reasons for nail biting can be a psychological disorder which can get worse if the habit still exists.

  1. Bad poker player

The habit will reveal all your poker moves.

Every habit is very difficult to quit, but you should do all your best to terminate it. Just think what it can do to your body and overall health.