A Celeb Trainer Reveals the Major Reason Working Out on an Empty Stomach Could Hurt You

Exercising is great for your body, but it has to be done accordingly and should follow a certain pattern, if not so it can do more harm than good. For instance, how many of you eat before taking your intense cardio or HIIT? Most likely none of you and according to the well-known trainer Jason Wimberly this is a huge mistake.

Jason Wimberly is the creator of WIMBERLEAN and The Wall who maintains that you have to take something before having your workout because if not this can make you pretty sick. He does not recommend a full meal, but a lean meal packed with valuable nutrients.

This is what this celeb trainer says:

If you’re doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, you’ll have a tendency to get really nauseous from that. That’s the bile in your stomach. All the acids that are in your tummy after being empty all night — they bounce around. That’s what makes you nauseous and feel like you’re going to throw up.”

Regarding the “the classic American” morning combo consisted of coffee and orange juice it is a recipe for complete disaster. Not to mention just coffee: “Coffee on an empty stomach increases that nausea — that’s acid on acid!”

This is what he suggests for your first meal:
“In a perfect world, we’d all start our day with [alkalizing] green juice.” But, you can also start it with: “Nutrient-rich oatmeal, yogurt, or cottage cheese.”

Nonetheless, his ideal option is one-half to one whole apple. “One of the best things I suggest for clients is an apple in the morning; it has the perfect amount of sugar — with fiber, so your blood sugar doesn’t go too high — and a little bit of everything to get you going.”

Have in mind not to consume a huge meal. “You don’t want to be full, but you do need something to perform well.”


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