How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

Foods that are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants can help the immune system battle germs that cause a cold or flu.

Lemons decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

As an excellent source of the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, lemons and lemon juice can help fight the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer.

How to grow your own lemons in the house using only one seed:

You will need the following:

  • An organic lemon since non-organic lemons often contain non-germinating seeds
  • Fertile potting soil, and natural fertilisers like compost
  • A seedling pot that is about 24 inches wide by 12 inches deep
  • A planting pot that is six inches wide and six inches deep (this comes in handy further down the track)
  • A sunny, indoor growing location

Here is how to plant the seed:

  • First you should put the soil in the pot and water it. You should leave about an inch below the rim.
  • Then you should slice the lemon and choose the seed with the best shape, remove its flesh, afterwards make a hole in the soil of around half an inch and put the seed inside.
  • Cover it with soil again, and water it.
  • Cover the pot with the plastic for it to keep it moist, and place the pot where there is a sun light during the day.
  • Do not over water it because the seed can rot.
  • Take care of the plant for 1-2 weeks, and as soon as it starts sprouting, remove the plastic cover.

How to take care of the lemon tree:

It is important to water the tree on a daily bases to keep it moist but keep in mind that the container has to have drainage holes.

Due to this cold sensitivity, lemon trees should be planted near the south side of the home. Lemon trees need protection from frost. Lemon trees also require full sunlight for adequate growth.
You should add a fertilizer and when it is too big you can transplant it into a bigger pot, and you can keep it on the balcony or backyard.

Allthough it may take anywhere from 3-6 years for your tree to be capable of producing fruit, there is something extra rewarding about starting from seed.



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