Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Change the Underwear Every Day

Personal hygiene is a must for good health and well-being which includes everyday change of underwear.

This is what every parent tells to their children, but most of you haven’t known the real reasons why this is a must, and this mostly refers to the female gender.

However, following a personal hygiene can become rather confusing as excessive cleanliness is bad for you, and on the other hand lack of hygiene is also bad. So, what is the right followed personal hygiene, follow reading and find out.
The female reproductive organ is capable of self-cleaning and protection, and for that is in charge the vaginal flora which keeps protective bacteria thus promoting great defense system in this intimate part. The inside cleaning of the vagina cannot be performed by the use of harsh products as that can disturb the balance of the vaginal ecosystem. In this way the good bacteria will get weakened, which can trigger infections.

Yet, the neglect of personal hygiene will lead to numerous infections and many other ailments.  Vaginal hygiene means regular washing and regular change of underwear.

The Importance of Regular Underwear Change

Everyday underwear change is a must for every gender, adult or child as the panties are real bacteria trap. No matter if it is the anal or vaginal area, the bacteria thrives in this moist environment triggering irritation and even infections.

Even though most of us would like to push away this rule, you should not do it by any means as this is what dirty underwear can bring to your body.

  1. Serious infections

If you sweat a lot, then this area will be affected by excessive moisture, which is an ideal environment for developing bacteria triggering infections. If the underwear is not changed, then this will worsen the situation. You need to know that the quality of your panties is also very important as synthetic fabric promote sweating thereby causing infections. Therefore, the best underwear is made of cotton as it a breathable material which efficiently absorbs moisture.

  1. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections are accompanied with burning feeling and pain while urinating, and also it can be manifested by frequent urination which can become very annoying and difficult to handle. This type of infection needs to be treated accordingly as if it is neglected it can lead to complications like pyelonephritis, an infection affecting the kidneys.

UTI is generally caused by bacteria that pass through the vagina to reach the bladder. So, if you do not change your underwear daily, you are supporting the growth of bacteria and raising your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

  1. Rushes and irritations

Dirty underwear can cause rushes and irritation which are result of the itching and thus leading to the occurrence of inflammation. As a result of that the skin irritation may look like burns, and if it is not treated accordingly, it can develop open sores or wounds. There is no need to come to such issues when a regular change of underwear can prevent from happening it. The intimate part of the human body is rarely aired and because of that it is difficult to deal with.

  1. Excessive Itching

Panties that are worn for a long time gather plenty of bacteria that spread on the surface of the skin thereby causing irritation and excessive itching.

  1. Strong and embarrassing odors

If the underwear is not changed regularly, the result would be strong and unpleasant odor aside the fact that it will cause irritation and itching. Any unpleasant smell coming from the human body is unpleasant, but the one coming from your crotch is really embarrassing.

Ways How to Adopt Good Personal Hygiene

Even though most of us take good care of this body part it is the most difficult one to maintain due to the fact that it sweats the whole day and as a result of that accumulates bacteria. Finally, the result is not feeling pleasant down there.

Many studies have already revealed that it is of great importance to change the underwear every day so that you can avoid infection or other annoying issues. For people who are exercising daily this habit needs to be performed two times a day because they sweat a lot. It is really important to maintain cleanliness and freshness of this intimate part all day.

You can also adopt the following habits:

  • Wash your intimate parts superficially, once or twice a day
  • Do not forget to clean the anal area. The rule is always to begin from the front (vagina) to the back (anus).
  • Avoid the use of harsh cleansers and soaps.
  • Wash the underwear, preferably by hand.

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