Is the Letter M Written on Your Palms? This is What It Means!

It has been believed since always that the lines on your palms can tell you a lot about the person you are and the life you are going to have. The fortune tellers have always looked upon the palms of the people in order to predict their future.

Nevertheless, the interpretation of lines seems to be very important for many cultures specifically in China and India. Reading the palms lines is known as the palmistry where each part of the hand is reviewed including the shape of the hands, fingers, nails and lines of the palm. According to these characteristics the character, the love life and future of the person are being interpreted.

This practice is performed for centuries, and it is believed that the person whose lines form the letter “M” on the palm can be very special.

The most prominent palm lines are the following ones:

The Life Line

This line is the most distinguished line on the palms. It is drawn between the thumb and index finger and ending at the base of the Mount of Venus. The life line portrays your life and its most important events. Having a short lifeline means instability, on the other hand line that is cut into parts indicates difficult times or risks in life. Have in mind that longer lifeline is not an indication of longer life span.

The Heart Line

The heart line represents the heart as a symbol of love. It is located on the top of the palms, and it starts at the joint and ends at the Mount of Saturn or Jupiter. Short heart line means a callous and heartless person, and a long, deep heart line suggests a good balance between reason and feelings. If you possess long and deep heart line then it means that you will have a long lasting love.

The Head Line

The head line is associated to the person’s mental abilities. It is drawn between the heart line and life line, and it starts between the index finger and thumb going to Mount Moon. Clearly drawn head line means clear mind. On the other hand, less visible head line suggests confused mind. If the head line has breaks then this means that there will be periods of life changes.

When these three lines form the letter M on the palms, then you are dealing with a person with great talents, an amazing intuition particularly in the female gender and determined mindset which will for sure lead to achieving great success.

As before mention these persons are very specific as they have the ability to see through you and if you try to deceive them it will not be a successful thing for you. They can change the course of their lives without any hesitation; they can easily adjust and grab every opportunity that comes to them. They are destined to great success in their lives.

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