True Story: This Woman is 68 Years Old and This is Her Secret! Amazing!

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Beauty, Health

Have you heard about Sofia Rotaru?

Sofia Rotaru is a famous Russian singer who is 68 years old, however if you have seen her you will not believe that this is her real age as she looks as a 40 year old woman. Her face is without any deep wrinkles and firm skin.

Sofia Rotaru seems that it does not age as she has radiant face and firm body. She posts her pictures on social networks and everyone is amazed by her physical appearance having in mind the fact that she is a grandmother and her youngest grandson is 21 years old!

This famous Russian singer with incredible voice stirs the Russian public and her popularity still holds strong position due to her amazing young appearance. It is really difficult to guess her real age.

Nevertheless, Sofia Rotaru did not always have this look, but recently she managed to transform her body when she lost plenty of weight. The Russian public is skeptic that this is a natural transformation and suspects a possible move under the knife. However, the Russian star remains firm in her attitude that the secret of her youth and size is actually an implementation of healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoidance of all junk foods.


This Russian singer starts her day with a shower under the mineral carbonated water. It may sound surreal, but it is true!


She claims that there is no magical diet or ingredient that helped her to look the way she looks today. It is all in the lifestyle we lead, meaning we shall all look more like her if we turn to a healthy diet, regular physical activity and good night sleep.

Namely, she follows a simple diet and sleeps 8 hours a day. However, she has physically active life like doing plenty of gardening, and performs her regular sports activities.  She did sports even when she was young being an active athlete participating in various regional competitions. In fact, she won first place in the category of 100 and 800 yards.


She does her own gardening growing fruits and vegetables, and she consumes the products of her own garden meaning there is no food on her table packed with pesticides. Plus, she pays extreme attention to proper hydration (at least 6 cups of water per day). Likewise, she follows her own diet regime.

9 Days Diet Regime of Sofia Rotaru

The first, second and third day she eats cooked brown rice (unsalted).

The fourth, fifth, and sixth day she only eats organic vegetables (from her garden).

In the last three days of her regime, she consumes fruits.

NOTE: This diet regime can be done three times a year, if you proceed with it more frequently, it will lead to numerous deficiencies thus causing various ailments. The break between the regimes needs to be substantial. Always have in mind that well balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables and protein (red meat, chicken) is the key of healthy and nice looking body.


Aside the athletics in her younger age, she is still performing sporting activities at 68. She also swims which is a great physical activity involving each body muscle, and frequently visits the sauna flushing out all the toxins thus offering her great relax time.